Best Radio Songs in 2017

Radio songs are actually changing with time as authors keep releasing songs each and every time. Billboard Hot 100 chart is one renowned site to be listing best radio songs as soon as they are released. A number of top songs from popular artists in 2017 have been recognized and numbered according to how the general public considered it and the number of views that it has gotten. Some of the things that makes a song to stand out include: the beat of the song, the featured artists, the recording label or studio and importantly the rhythm and vocals of the song. In the following discussion we are going to look at some of the top radio songs that have been featured in 2017.

Rick Ross, Idol Become Rival feat Chris Rock

This is a song that actually talks about the dispute that they had with Lil Wayne. Additionally, the song gives a shot about Cash Money Records which reveals Birdman for not paying Mannie Fresh, DJ Khaled and Scott Storch. As if not enough, Rick Ross tries to rap in defense of his brother while portraying the Bad side of Birdman as the manager of Cash Money Records.

Drake, More life

This is an album that Drake has released recently and has given has around twenty two songs. The album plays more than 80 minutes and importantly it has gotten a positive and different reactions from the general public. Some of the songs featured include: can’t have everything, Glow feat Kanye West, KMT feat Giggs, Portland feat Quavo and Travis scot, passion fruit and many others.

Adele, Water under the Bridge

This song is actually peaked at number five among the most listed radio songs in the year 2017. The song is mostly liked because of the content and beat that is used in it. The song has been seen tallying an audience of around 360,000 in week. On the adult contemporary the song holds position 5 and no.4 on the page of adult pop songs. Moreover, the song has been named top 10 in more than eight radio songs. Adele is a well-known artist whose songs have trended consistently has she releases them with time.

Lorde, Liability

This is the second hit song for Lorde’s sophomore that has enter the list of the most loved radio songs. The song has been positioned in number 4 and among the digital song sales it is no.27. Within the first week of release, the song got around 27000 download sales and 4.7 million streams in the U.S. On the alternative songs, the song has climbed a ladder in the radio segment from position 17 to 15 and on the pop songs segment it has climbed from 26 to 23.

6LACK, problems 

This is a song that has been featured by an Atlanta rapper by the name 6LACK. He was born in Ricardo Valentine and he has made his debut with a top radio song by the name problems. The song got around 6.7 million streams which are 7 percent of the population. On the hot Rap songs the song is ranked at number 2.